The software for

automatic comparison of chromatograms



GC-LC concordance software dramatically enhances the possibilities of chromatography on complex products (from 10 to 1000 compounds) and chromatographic fingerprints by managing retention time shifting.

Typical applications for GC-LC CONCORDANCE:

Fragrances, perfumery, natural oils, food flavorings, wine industry, millesime recognition, flavors, flavours, environmental, pollution, fire residues, fuels, pharmaceuticals, clinical...

Who is GC-LC Concordance for ?

GC-LC Concordance is for researchers, laboratories in chromatography who wish to increase reliability, precision and speed of the interpretation of results, while decreasing time and costs of analysis, thus improving work  productivity.

What does GC-LC concordance do?

  • It works with retention time or with Kovats retention Index (RT / RI)

  • It compares two similar chromatograms

  • It quantifies the components of a product

  • It verifies if a sample is in accordance with a standard.

  • It allows search a product in a list of chromatograms (library)  

  • It calculates retention indices in both internal or external calibration

  • It specifies chemicals compounds of products in RI mode

  • It compares two non-similar chromatograms in RI mode

GC-LC concordance compatibility

The software can be installed on any PCs with Windows NT, 2000, XP, VISTA, SEVEN, Windows 8, GC-LC concordance can automatically collect chromatograms data of all PC integration softwares.


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GC-LC CONCORDANCE had an article published in SPECTRA ANALYSE:  Publications




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